I have conceptualised and delivered projects, individually and as part of a team. Having worked with some incredible talent, both in front of and behind the camera, I have learnt to work with, and value people whose skills are complementary to my own.

While most Producers have a niche genre or format, my production company background has meant multi-skilling across formats and genres to meet a diverse range of clients’ needs.


Subsequently, I've spent time working closely with hotshot creatives on TVCs and online content, with clients on corporate comms and hype reels, in addition to being more logistically focused as a Producer / Production Manager on large outside broadcasts, music events and long form TV series.

I'm not afraid to be involved in all aspects of the production, from writing and storyboarding through to edit and delivery, and I love the thrill of being a vital part of a team that can execute a well created and delivered piece of content.

Production Management

Kids TVbrand funded documentaries, one off television events, live-streamed New Year’s Eve specials from the shores of Sydney Harbour and Mardi Gras outside broadcasts from the heart of Oxford Street…

You name it, I've production managed it in the past 12 years.

Tackling logistically challenging productions is what I love. No job is too big or too small.


No budget is too big… Some budgets are too small…


But even then, I have built some of the best teams in Australia, and on occasion, globally to work on projects I've production managed. 


Having started my PM career with on the job training, I am extremely adept at taking someone else's creative vision, costing it, crewing it, resourcing it and delivering it on time and on budget. 

Production Accounting


I live and breathe budgets.


It’s not sexy and it’s certainly not cool. But it’s important in a marketplace where video content is exploding and budgets are remaining the same as they’ve always been but need to stretch across multiple platforms.


With over 20 years experience in Accounting in both corporate and TV worlds, and an understanding of both low budget and high end productions, I can take the money on offer and suggest a production model that will fit, or work in consultation to build a budget for your project.


Having managed budgets that were worth $500, with a single man crew, through to live TV broadcasts with hundreds of crew, valued at over $2 million – small budgets, big budgets, no budgets.


I've seen them all.