When Opportunity Knocks

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

After a C-R-A-Z-Y start to the year where I worked for 5 companies in the space of 5 weeks (and that was through January and February which is traditionally quiet) I’ve had a fairly chilled couple of weeks.

When I say chilled, let’s be real. I’m a working Mum with an infant so I’ve not been chill in a long time. But given I haven’t been commuting nearly 4 hours a day + working full time + raising my child means that it has been a pretty relaxed month.

As any freelancer knows though, even when you’re not working, you’re still working. So in between swimming lessons and playtime and a baby that fights naps, I’ve been trying to find work – both as a freelance Producer and in my own fledgling little business.

So let me step that one back a minute.

A couple of years ago, hubby and I had an idea to start our own production company. We wanted to focus on live streaming of events so it would marry his tech skills with my production skills in live OBs / events. We also had the idea (off the back of our own experience) that we should live stream weddings for people with family and friends who are unable to attend the wedding.

We named the company Armier Productions after the beach in Malta where we got engaged. (I know, how cute are we?)

Well 3 years later and life (and work and babies) has gotten in the way. Apart from one small job, Armier never really got off the ground and we’ve been holding on to a URL and ABN for the day when we finally make things happen.

After moving out of Sydney and while being on maternity leave, I decided that that time was now.

As any Mum will tell you, priorities start to shift when you have a child and I wanted to try and be at home more and not spending 4 hours a day in my car commuting between the Central Coast and Sydney. Armier needed to be reborn.

So I started seeking out opportunities to work with some local businesses. I joined local Facebook groups, attended some networking events, scanned the interwebs to see who was doing what in the region. I was particularly interested in the female centric groups. As a Producer, I’m confident in pulling together a team of highly experienced professionals to pull off a 6 figure production. But as a fledgling production company moving in the direction of social content (which let’s face it is where everyone is going), and with my business partner in a full time job, I needed to be honest and upfront that I was starting out as a one woman band.

And who better to understand that than other Mumpreneuers? Women who’d also started or grown their businesses whilst juggling Mum life…

So I put my hand up to shoot a small behind the scenes film (for free) for a local branding specialist. Her business specialises in connecting businesses and influencers with each other, while also creating beautiful lifestyle imagery. They get together for a fun day (or in some cases just a couple of hours) and walk away with content that they can use for their websites and socials. I explained to them from the very beginning that while I had years of experience behind me bossing creatives around on set and delivering amazing TVCs and live events, I was also keen to use the equipment we’d bought over the years and to build my own portfolio of shooting and editing work.

She was keen. And so we waited a few months (which suited me perfectly because I was so busy with freelance work) before settling on the perfect shoot. Which became two shoots. Which has now become three.

And while I have done them all for free (so far), I’ve been building my shooting skills, learning more about Premiere Pro and just generally having a fun time with an amazing bunch of women, most of whom are Mums too.

And how do I know that? Because the kids come to the shoots.

How awesome is that?

I’m now developing a video package that I can offer on these shoots, where in addition to what they’re already getting as part of the agreement, they also can buy an add on of a short film. Whether that’s a behind the scenes piece or a product showcase or a “who we are” profile is completely up to them.

So, while it’s quiet, it’s not really quiet. Because I’ve got a website to build, a video package to think out and a social media profile to flesh out.

So if you don’t see or hear from me for a while, you’ll find me behind my computer for the next few weeks, working on those.

Oh, and also trying to raise a curious and adventurous 9 month old.

You can see our first film for Wilde Collaborative here: