Things you may not know, or may not want to know about me...


Work aside, I am a Mum of one and a Stepmum of four, ranging in age from 2 to 27. The toddler is mine, the older ones have flown their nests and are spread all over Australia.

I live on the Central Coast, in a house that is far too big for us but it faces east and is right on Tuggerah Lake so the sunrises are spectacular and really fuel my days.

I do most of my work in Sydney, although since Covid-19, I'm happily ensconced in my home office / edit suite with only the occasional need to brave the M1. It will be a challenge to get back into the hang of the commute when the time comes but it will be nice to be back in an office with colleagues again.

I love to read but rarely have time anymore. Toddlers are hard work! I do love reading scripts though, so if you ever want a pair of eyes on your short film, TV pilot or play - hit me up.


I'm a bit of a nerd so you will see me get very excited about new Marvel or Star Wars movies. I also love old musicals and can sing every song from Yankee Doodle Dandy and High Society. 

I love food and wine but mostly I love people, so if the opportunity presents itself to eat, drink and chew the fat, I'm there.

And lastly, I'm very passionate about my job, what I create and who I create with....which I guess is pretty important when you're a Producer.